I have done something insane. I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month, in which around 100,000 people around the world simultaneously lose their minds and write at least 50,000 words of fiction from midnight November 1st to midnight December 1st. That’s right. Thirty days. Do you know how long it takes people, like professional people who have perhaps studied literary…studies…to write a novel (which on average is about 80,000 words in length)??? YEARS. It can take years for someone to accomplish this. Some people only write four or five books in their entire lifetime. People who know what they’re doing. What on earth am I getting myself into??

Either way, I’m currently in the so-excited-I-can’t-sleep stage, and the full gravity of what I’m about to do hasn’t quite hit me yet. It kind of crept up on me this morning and for two seconds I had a freak out, but then I was okay again. So either I’m in denial, stupidly optimistic, or it’s going to hit at some point when I least except it, probably at 2 am with claws and bulging eyes.

As I write and go through this insanity I’ll do my best to blog every now and then, especially with excerpts of the book. Be warned that the writing will suck, and also that I might not actually have time to blog often, because OH YEAH I have 50% of two AP classes and a French class to finish by December 18. Hooray for the crazy writers.

My chosen title: Wind in the Blood

My MC: Anarra Shard

My synopsis: Seventeen year-old Anarra’s family has a long history of wandering, mental instability, and disappearances. When she herself is suddenly able to speak a language she has never learned, she fears she, too, will end up in an insane asylum like her great grandmother Elizabeth Ganivorah; until, that is, she discovers the other worldly secret her family has carried for hundreds of years.

My cover (which I’m very proud of, considering I have no photoshop skills whatsoever):

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