The Plan


Because apparently NaNo truly has eaten my brain, I made a schedule of the days/hours leading up to NaNo, because otherwise, I will lose my mind with crazy anticipation.

Today (Friday): working like mad, sending out NaNo CD swap mixes, buying/stashing snacks for NaNo, horseback riding, helping with children’s group

Tomorrow (Saturday): working like mad, working like mad, working like mad, practicing flute for two hours

8:00 pm: surf forums, be jealous of Aussies for already starting, update facebook/twitter/blog etc

9:30 pm: shower

10:00 pm: organize/decorate writing space (which is inside my closet)

11:00 pm: make coffee/gather snacks while watching movie/listening to music

11:30 pm: organize playlist

11:59 pm: get ready…get set…


12:00:01 am Sunday: GO!

N/A: fall asleep on keyboard, fall out of closet, frighten cat with antics, pass out on floor

7:00 am: leave for Cape Town

9:00 am: church

12:30 pm: meet Wrimos for kick-off/write in !!!

Rest of day: write until I hit 5k +

So that is my day(s). Just in case anyone wants to know my very detailed schedule. Which they don’t. But anyway. (I’m very excited, in case that wasn’t quite clear yet).

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