Day 3: November 3

Writing_SpaceOooohhhhh yes!! All hail Day Three!!! *does dance* I have now decided that Day Three should be officially labeled as The Amazing Day When Things Start To Happen. Or TADWTSTH for short. Breakthroughs have been made, characters have been developed/assigned a more specific place in the book than just “I am a character and I exist.” My muses, probably helped on by the massive amounts of caffeine I have consumed, have awoken and are pouring ideas into my head! I have energy! I have life! And so do my characters! *ninja kick* Hiiiiii-ya! Take that, writer’s block! I defeat you!

And wonder of all wonders, I have managed to get way ahead of my word count while at the same time completing all school work that I needed to. OH my word. I honestly didn’t think it was possible. Woooot! Which is something I rarely say because it reminds me of a pancake and makes me hungry!

*ninja kicks month’s cumulative progress onto blog*

Word count: 7,430
Cups of coffee: 15
Feeling: *shows writing muscles* see that? see that? CHA!
Number of freak outs: 1
Total solid meals eaten: 2
Procrastination: 1
Other: I feeeel good, da na da na da na da, DA! I feeeel gooOOood, da da da da da DA!

2 thoughts on “Day 3: November 3”

    1. You know…I’m not quite sure why. I think it’s like, woot –> …something…okay, there is no path, my mind is just weird 🙂


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