Day 20: November 20

Um…well. Yes. Erm. It’s sort of been a while. This is not entirely my fault, although actually it is. But in my defense, there was some lack of internet over the past two weeks. This, however, does not account for my rather sad word count. I was planning to write like a…writer…during my vacation, but the thing is, we haven’t been on vacation for so long, and I kind of got caught up doing vacation-y things, like hiking and horse back riding. I know, excuses, excuses. But anyway, on the five hour drive home today, and the few hours we’ve been home, I wrote about 7,000 words. Which I’m rather proud of, since I only had one cup of coffee today and was being constantly interrupted by bad pop music and traffic noises.

I would also like to report that I’ve written myself into and out of several corners where, before NaNo, I probably would have given up in. Those of you who are like me and never finish anything know that this is an enormous feat, so I feel like I’ve earned that box of chocolate I consumed today, and all three (gasp!) sodas. My inner editor has also completely given up while I write my NaNo novel, and I have lovely typos, grammar errors, and spontaneous character name changes happening. There’s also sporadic fantastic, award-worthy writing mixed in with ample amounts of “let’s see how many grammar rules we can break” writing. The joys of CWBS (confused writing brain syndrome).

Anyway, here’s my progress report.

Word count: 25,061 (I’m supposed to be at 33,340 today)
Cups of coffee: I’ve completely lost count. I’m guessing 50? All I know is, there’s been a lot of coffee.
Feeling: floaty
Number of freak outs: 2
Total solid meals eaten: not as many as I should have…
Procrastination: 18ish (saying 1 billion seems a little extreme)
Other: Halfway is a strange place to be. It’s like…trippy…and stuff…*drools because brain died an hour ago*

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