Day 26

I just did a massive sprint and typed around 5k words in about two hours. My fingers hurt. And it’s late, and I have school tomorrow, plus a performance thingy. But I have time for a quick update. And yes, it did get much easier after 30,000 words. A lot a lot easier. In fact it was kind of shocking.

Word count: 40,377
Cups of coffee: To be safe, let’s say 70, give or take.
Feeling: exhausted and finger cramp-y
Number of freak outs: 3
Total solid meals eaten: what? me? are you asking me? *shuffled awkwardly* does chocolate count?
Procrastination: 20ish
Other: I’m starting to see the finish line. And I’m really, really, REALLY excited, almost as excited as I was when I started. Okay, not quite, but come on!! This is amazing!!! Go everyone who is doing this, because we flippin’ rock!!!

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