Boredom and Sushi

I abhor those days when you feel like not only are you worthless, but it’s your fault, and the only things you can do to change this are not possible to do. Those days suck. You go into a kind of tail spin, and everything you do just makes it worse: you try to write (which is your passion), but “aren’t in the mood,” you decide to watch a movie but “there’s nothing on,” you opt to clean your room but you feel floppy, and finally you end up writing a blog post that makes it sound like you’re about to throw yourself into a wood chipper when you are, in fact, not, but are just ranting to get rid of the icky feeling.

In other news, I have an unfortunate and never ending craving for sushi. Unfortunate because my wallet can’t handle it. Rainbow rolls are my new favorite things on the planet. Avocado and salmon wrapped on the outside, then rice, then more avocado and salmon. Nom nom nom.

*sigh* Okay, this is ridiculous. I have no idea what to do with myself. I don’t feel like reading, I don’t feel like writing, I don’t feel like watching TV…or I do, but I can’t for some odd, illogical reason. There are no volunteer thingies I can do today, all my friends are across the pond, NaNo is over, my parents/sister aren’t here, continue this pathetic rant in the same manner. Honestly all I feel like doing right now is grabbing a Kleenex box, a gallon of ice cream, and watching House until my eyes dry up. but I can’t do that (small town, small video store, no one here has ever heard of gallon ice cream), so I guess I’ll just…clean my room.



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