Can Rings

I am inclined, obligated, and other such jazz, by my conscience/better half/common sense, to apologize profusely for my gross explosion of badness in my earlier post. My life does not in fact suck. I have parents who are the perfect balance of parents and best friends, I have a best friend who is a very best friend, I’ve always had a home, and everything I needed – many times the things I want(ed) as well. Although currently life is just a tad stressful, insane, and generally craze-inducing, I really shouldn’t go on about it like I did. So I would like to officially apologize for my incredibly self obsessed rant.

Now then. In addition to apologizing, I would also like to answer the very pointless question I asked – or at least implied, or meant to ask, if I didn’t actually ask it – in my last post, and that is, “What the freaking heck do I do when I feel like this? What to do with myself?” The answer to that, friends, which I’ve known for a while but forget daily, is God. More specifically, Jesus. No, you may not feel all sunshine and rainbows after spending some time with him…but there will be a change. I don’t know whether to call it hope, or love, or faith, or joy, or what – but it’s there. And besides, Jesus is a cool guy (note the massive understatement) and you should get to know him because he’s pretty crazy about you.

In other news, the side of my foot is swelling up and turning purple, and I have no idea why. **intrigue** If anyone knows what this is, do be so kind as to let me know, s’il vous plaît. I’m thinking of naming it Alfred if it gets worse.


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