Jump For Joy!

Oh my word!! I know what I’m doing for SF!!! This is odd, amazing, and uncharacteristic. Whoa. I actually know what I’m doing. Which means that I can now start (or rather finish, since I started the second I received my plot and MC from Writing Heaven) doing planning, character sheets, the works.

I have, you see, overcome my phobia of planning. In fact, I’ve begun to lurve it. It makes the actual writing so much more enjoyable, and admittedly easier. Of course I still believe in the Declaration of Characters’ Rights (see page of the same title), and I will still grant my MCs a certain amount of freedom to veer off-plot. But I do think that setting up character sheets and such helps the writer to get to know these people; which if you think about it is perfectly in line with the DCR, because writing about someone you don’t know but presume to know is on the “very” side of arrogant.


Script type: Screenplay
Genre: Drama
Title: The Wind Blew West
Logline: Haunted by the cage her own mind creates, seventeen year-old London must find her way out before it’s too late.
MFC: London Whinter
MMC: Cilian Girard

Yes, thank you, I do realize that this is apparently my writing year of insane teenage girls and wind. I can’t help that. Anyway, the poster will be coming soon, I hope…again, I’m not familiar with this script writing / movie world, so if the poster is not quite up to snuff I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me. Of course, the novel cover was not quite up to snuff, either. But still. The poster will be less up to snuff than the novel cover.

I’m rambling. I apologize. I just had coffee.

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