It Arrives (or, Better Late Than Never)

So this afternoon I finally plucked up the courage to open the very hidden, heretofore very unloved Word Document entitled “Wind in the Blood” that hidingly dwells in the hidden recesses of Charlie’s brain. This was, if you remember, my 2009 NaNo project. And you know…some very warm, writer-y memories came flooding back, and I actually found myself thinking, “Maybe I can edit this and have it be half decent. It’s not so bad.” And then I decided that I would make a point of editing it this year. In the meantime, here is the last page or so of the thing. My, how November causes writing deterioration near the end. I would like to remind us all that I wrote the last 9,000 words in about five hours, so I hope that will excuse me. Anywho, here it is, unedited.

“Peasure,” she said, the shot me a glance. “Even if braedon didn’t en up being some evil jerk, Richard is way better loking,” she said.

“I think I’ll go browse the book shop,” he said and left, smiling at me.

“So tel me!” she insisted.

“Well,” I began, but flinched. In the relfection of the bus, I’d seen someone. Another bus passed and this time I was sure. “Come on,” I said, pulln gher up. “We have to go.”

“What? Why?”

“This is big, Alexis, It’s going ato take long time to explain. But all I can say is tht Braedon’s right behid us and we have to go.”

I pulled her with me into the book store and we rushed through the isled, though not so fast that someone would become suspicious.

“This is so much more exciting than school.”

“Richard,” I said, grabbing him by the shoulder. He truend around, a questioning look in his eyes.

W”aht is it?”

“”It’s braedon. He’ here. I’m certain he saw us come in here and he was following us.”

Richard looked at Alexis. “IS he somcing?”

“Coming where?” She shrugged. “Actually, never mind. I’m coming.”

“Your parents,” I reminded her.

“Anarra, my parents are the colest people on the planet. You’re rich, I’m rich, Rchar’d rih, we’re free to do whatever. I’m coing with you. You’re my best friend. If I don’t watch your back, you’ll get kidnapped again.”

I sighed. “All right.” We followed Richard out of the main store and into a back hallway where they brought the boxes of stock. From there we hit the emergency exit door and ran out into the cool ight leaving Braedon and the store, and our potentially boring lives, behind us in the misty streets of London.

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