Oh My.

I have sorely neglected Masquerade. I apologize profusely. The reason for this is because Script Frenzy (http://www.scriptfrenzy.org) is coming up, which of course means that I’ve been planning, outlining, character sheet-ing (not to be confused with another not so cool word), and forum-ing on both the Screnzy site and the NaNo one. And posting on my NaNo blog (the link is to the right, called NaNoWriMo and Me).

Also, I have recently discovered that there is a giant’s handful of Wrimos who engage yearly in MilWordy (may I pause to point out that we have the coolest names for everything. It’s like the Writer Code.) and have a forum especially for it (http://milwordy.freeforums.org). During this crazy bout of craziness, which lasts for a whole 365 days, everyone participating attempts to crank out 1,000,000 words. That’s essentially a little over one and a half NaNos per month, or more precisely around 83.33 thousand words a month, and around 2,800 per day. Obviously I’m too late for it this year. Maybe under different circumstances I would have been all right with catching up a whole month of writing, but I can’t manage it right now. However, I plan on doing MilWordy 2011.

So here is what my year looks like in term of writing (in addition to editing and side projects):

Jan-March: planning for Script Frenzy/organizing current unfinished writing
April: Script Frenzy
May-August: planning for MilWordy 2011/organizing current unfinished writing
September-October: planning for NaNoWriMo (!!!!!!)
November: NaNoWriMo (!!!!!)
December: the month of rest before MilWordy 2011 begins =D

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