Like Cake, But Better

I can’t decide if I’m cheating or not. I mean, according to the rules of WriYe, I’m not cheating. But should planning be allowed to count as word count? I guess so. I guess it’s okay. But I have this odd feeling that the Angel of Writing is tsking at me.

Oh, well. I thought I would post the link to my personal progress thread so you can check it out for yourself if you like:

Hmm, I hope you can see it…I’m not sure if people who aren’t signed up can. Anywho. I’m rather excited, because I’m only about 2k behind as of today, which is just over a day’s writing. If I plan some more and maybe actually WRITE *gasp* then I’ll be all caught up:) I’d say that tomorrow we’ll be looking at a nice, roundish number of 46,200. Impressive, no? I must say, though, that the reason you don’t see me freaking out and behaving NaNoishly is because most of what I’ve done has been one of the following:

1) planning (about 8,000, and no, I’m not kidding)
2) intense, super-inspired-driven writing sessions for hours on end.

As we all know, the second one is easy. Because when inspiration hits, it’s like a freaking jet plane. But, and this we all know too, the trouble comes when inspiration does not show her face, which is sort of the point of these enormous endeavors. So I feel like I haven’t actually done very much. However, inspiration left at approximately 11:34 am yesterday morning, so this month will be much harder. Yay! (raises hand in sarcastic gesture)

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