Writerly Adventuring

WriYe Progress:
Wri Ye is going well. I think I’m only about 2k behind as of today, which seems to be my perpetual curse, but anyhow; I’ll get caught up soon, probably on Saturday. I also finally made the leap and bought Pixelmator, the most amazing photo editing software known to Mac. This is my very biased, very inexperienced, very I’ve-never-used-anything-else-but-this-works-amazingly-for-me opinion. Anyway, my point is that I finally have unlimited and unwatermarked time to play around with the thing, and I’ve made two sig banners for WriYe. My plan is to take on one novel every month, take months for editing, finishing, and planning in between, and take two novels in June. October is obviously dedicated to planning for NaNoWriMo, and November is NaNo only. December is rest, or if I still need to make up my word count, I’ll work on Shard.

Script Frenzy:
I have changed my title, plotted, character developed, and picture found (talking like this is rather fun, actually). I won’t post the pictures here because a) they’re copyrighted and b) too many bytes in uploading, but here’s my updated script information:

Script type: Screenplay
Genre: Drama
Title: Love in High Places
Logline: Haunted by the cage her own mind creates, seventeen year-old London must find her way out before itโ€™s too late.
MFC: London Whinter
MMC: Cilian Girard
Anatgonist: Trek Manchurian

And that’s that for today, partly because I have to pee and partly because I have an appointment.

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