Oh My Schnickelfritz.

Forgive me if I’ve already used this title, but it’s very fitting.

Due to an insane and inhuman amount of schoolwork (do not contest me on this, because for once in my life I am not exaggerating), I haven’t written in a week. Not only that, but I don’t have much desire to write today or tomorrow (my two off days) because I do internet school, on the computer, and I’m kind of tired of the computer. So it of course makes perfect sense that I’m blogging. Anyway, I did want to give some kind of an update.

I discovered my genre!! The main one, at least. I shall from now on be focusing on Christian romance in addition to fantasy, which I’m sure I’ll never be able to get away from (not that I’m complaining). How do I know that this is my genre? Well. I started writing it just for kicks, and I ended up writing over 12k in three days. I could have done more, if I hadn’t had school. It just kept going. The only other time where I’ve been that inspired was when I was writing my first novel, my first anything – the catalyst for my entire writeringness. So.

In other news, the name of my screenplay has changed yet again. Love in High Places sounded a little bit too much like Bruce Almighty, which there’s nothing wrong with, but this isn’t a comedy. It’s more like The Brave One meets The Phantom of the Opera meets House meets Wuthering Heights meets some other stuff. You get the idea. I present to you the hopefully final screenplay information:

Script type: Screenplay
Genre: Drama/Romance
Title: Love in Dark Places
Logline: Haunted by the cage her own mind creates, seventeen year-old London must find her way out before itโ€™s too late.
MFC: London Whinter
MMC: Cilian Girard
Anatgonist: Trek Manchurian {Actually, there is no antagonist except human nature – Trek ends up redeeming himself and falling for London. This was not my doing. While writing novel-style scenes for character development, Trek and London developed an obvious chemistry. Apparently this is going to be a bittersweet movie, against my principles. But anyway.}

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