Plans and Other Such Jazz

Hello! My goodness, it’s been nearly a month since my last post. This month has been absolutely insane. For one thing, I did 25% of AP English and 25% of AP Bio in a single week. You can imagine how much sleep I got and how much solid food I ate: almost none. It was like the school version of NaNoWriMo. This week isn’t much better; I have to do 50% of my French class in a week, which translates into a unit a day. So far it’s not going too badly, but I’ll have to step it up since I’ll lose time on Thursday for a dentist appointment and on Friday for – squeal!! – horseback riding, finally. I’ve missed it so much.

I do have some new incentive for learning French (not that I ever needed it, but anyway). You see, I’m planning on doing YWAM next year, but I wasn’t sure about the location yet. I want to go where God wants me, and I want to preferably go somewhere I haven’t been before. I can’t tell you how much I miss traveling to different countries. Adventurizing is like an incurable disease. Anyway, it looks like I might be going to the south of France (hence the picture, which I took from the top of the Eiffel tower)!!! It’s not certain yet, but I feel as though this is what God wants. I won’t complain 🙂 I’ve been to Paris, but it was only three days, and we drove through the French countryside but didn’t stop anywhere. This would be completely incredible, and that is a massive understatement.

But for now I have to focus on some other things. I have the AP exams coming up, so I have to study like a madwoman for them. I’m taking them at my old high school in the US, which will be…odd. Most of my friends are gone, and the ones left were fellow band chinas. I can visit my teachers. But, I don’t know, going back to your old high school only seems to drudge up memories that either hurt because they include that time you ran into a wall because you were staring at the guy you liked, or because they’re so good you suddenly miss high school again.

I also have to find a way to visit my friend who is in college in another state. Oh my jazz. The problem is, I have next to no money, and it’s improbable I’ll find a cheap plane ticket. I can’t drive across America. No one is going to drive me. I. Must. Make. A. Plan.

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