Pop Tarts (Made For Fun!)

Africa doesn’t ever get out from under your skin. Once it’s there, it’s in your blood. I mean, it’s in my blood anyway, but you know what I mean. There’s just something about it. Everywhere you go, it’s beautiful, even the desert – especially the desert. “What do you like about the desert, Major Lawrence?” “It’s clean. I like it because it’s clean.”

But Africa (other than South Africa) is a little ways off for me, unfortunately. Or actually, not unfortunately. God’s timing is perfect. Even though I miss it so much I could die of longing, I don’t want to go before God says “Go.”

Next up is YWAM. Today I started drawing up a support list and I’ll be sending letters out near the end of May. Then I only have four courses left to do, but they’ll be easy/enjoyable: creative writing, lifetime fitness (I get graded for horseback riding and swimming, what more can you ask for in a class?), and French 3 and 4. All in all, not bad at all. Around October I’ll be applying for the St. Paul Trois Châteaux DTS in YWAM, and then it’s a waiting game until I hear from them.

God is truly fantastic, you know. When I was fourteen, I went up to my parents and said, “Just so you know, God has called me to go to France for six months as a missionary. I’m leaving before December. That is all.” Okay, maybe it was more respectful, but I was – am – sure what I heard from God. The timing was off, but I was so eager to go, to obey Him (and what fourteen year-old doesn’t want to go to France, anyway?). This was before I knew anything about YWAM, by the way. And now, I’m off to France, and the length of the DTS is six months. It’s amazing to me how God prepares us long before to do His will. Because of what I heard, even when my parents said in less sophisticated words that I was not going to France all by myself at fourteen, I set about preparing. I took French classes and bought French CDs and started listening to French music. Now, when I do go, I will at least be able to communicate with the people, and of course improve my French. At the time God told me this, I also didn’t know my calling yet – that I would be working in Africa, aka francophone heaven. Amazing, isn’t it? All glory and praise to my King. He prepares us for things we don’t even know we’re being prepared for yet.

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