Mug of Crazy, Anyone?

You know when you like a guy (or girl), and you stalk his (or her) Facebook, and get unreasonably jealous when you see him (or her) talking to girls (or boys)? Well…I just realized something. I think I have a crush on UCT. I just got that insanely jealous, irrationally jealous feeling when I saw one of my friends’ statuses that was something about UCT. I didn’t know this was possible. What do you do when you have a crush on some ivy-covered buildings? I can’t very well have dinner with UCT, now can I? I can’t very well send it secret Valentines and write it poetry (okay, that I can do) and all that. This is madness, to say the least. And don’t even get me started on pictures of UCT! I feel all fluttery and faint when I see them. I guess this proves at least one thing: I had better work my derriere off so I’ll be accepted, because if I’m not, my heart might just break. This is not melodrama, people. This is true love. This doesn’t happen everyday. Don’t mock me. One day it’ll hit you, and then we’ll see who’s still laughing.

I have no problem with Stellie or even Rhodes. But they’re just not my type. UCT is my type. I think I have an Ikey chromosome. Or gene. Whatever. Luckily I’m not majoring in Biology.

Oh dear me. I think I have a problem…

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