I’m sorry, I promise I am. It’s just that Love in Dark Places sounds so B-movie, you know? Here’s the updated info (again). Don’t even get me started on the plot, because I don’t know. I do, but not really. If that makes sense.

Script type: Screenplay
Genre: Drama/Romance
Title: The Firefly Doctrine
Logline: Haunted by the cage her own mind creates, seventeen year-old London must find her way out before itโ€™s too late.
MFC: London Whinter
MMC: Cilian Girard
Anatgonist: Trek Manchurian {Actually, there is no antagonist except human nature โ€“ Trek ends up redeeming himself and falling for London. This was not my doing. While writing novel-style scenes for character development, Trek and London developed an obvious chemistry. Apparently this is going to be a bittersweet movie, against my principles. But anyway.}

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