Move Along

Today, something hit me. After two and a half years, which is a ridiculous amount of time if you think about it, I have finally adjusted 100% from the move to South Africa. I know it sound outrageous, but that’s how long it took. Really. I can feel the ground under my feet again.

You know you’ve adjusted when:

1} you can remember what accent to speak in and not sound like an Australian with a Chinese mother every time you open your mouth (unless this is what you are, in which case you rock my world)

2} you’ve found a brand of underwear in your country-of-moving-to that you like

3} you no longer feel the need to walk on the wrong side of the road

4} you secretly laugh at people who are walking on the wrong side of the road because “they must be tourists, poor things”

5} you only go on Facebook every other day or less to converse with your overseas pals, even though you still miss them just as much as you did on day 1

6} you can watch ridiculous videos you made of yourself and your friends without crying

7} PopTarts, Ramen, and Starbucks are still your preferred brands, but you can live without them (except maybe Starbucks) and not start weeping every time you open the pantry to find “2-Minute Noodles” oggling you with weird cartoon eyes

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