The Game Plan

It’s the last weekend of March. All over South Africa, people are on holiday. The weather is sunny, the sky is blue. It is not a dark and stormy night. But one brave person [hint: it’s me] must battle holiday vibes and procrastination to overcome her arch enemy: WORLD HISTORY. [dun dun DUN]. Will she make it? Can she do it? Stay tuned for the [not] exciting adventure of…africanstardust!!!!

The Game Plan:

Friday: 8 assignments: Readings 35-40, Reading 5, Test 7
Saturday: 10 assignments: All Webwork assignments
Sunday: chill / finish Webworks
Monday: 7 assignments: finish all Geo Skill assignments, do AP Skills 5-7

Tuesday: chill / mall
Wednesday: PACK / do AP exam diagnostic tests
Thursday: clean / leave for USA
On Plane: chill / rot brain by watching movies / write / write / write / write / write

If I live through this, feel free to ask for my autograph.

[yes, I am aware I am being overly dramatic, but this is the verbal vomit I was talking about earlier…besides, have you seen my textbook?]

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