I heard somewhere that if you want your life to be a certain way, or if you have certain aspirations, you have to admit them to yourself before you can do anything about it. If you say something out loud, it makes them real. It makes you think, “Hey, I can do this. It’s not just a dream anymore.”

So I’m going to say this, and let the chips fall where they may.

Somewhere deep down, I am a drummer. Despite the fact that I’ve literally never touched a drum kit in my life, and despite the fact that all I know is how to hold the sticks, I am a drummer.

Somewhere deep down, I am a doctor. Despite the fact that I have not wanted this for my whole life and despite the fact that I’m not one hundred percent sure I can swing medical school, I am a doctor. Not only that, but I am a missionary doctor who goes to places where there’s nothing and brings people health and God all in one swing. That’s me.

Somewhere deep down, I am a writer. Somewhere deep down, I am a runner. Somewhere deep down, I know seven languages. Somewhere deep down, I am brave.

Somewhere deep down. Maybe it isn’t so deep down, and maybe it is. Maybe I’ll have to work myself raw. My comfort zone, which is the size of a penny, will not be where I am. But this is what I want. I want to be a Jesus loving, God praising, people helping, horseback riding, marathon running, novel writing, drumming, adventurous, life saving missionary doctor in Africa. If it’s not God’s will, then it won’t happen. But if it is, then it will. I guess we’ll see, right?

1 thought on “Secrets”

  1. Go for it, girl! You’re absolutely right that if God wants it for you, it will happen. And I know you can do it. I’m watching to see how everything works out.

    One of yuor two greatest fans,



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