I’m sorry I don’t have a picture for you, but Charlie had a bit of an *incident* and I have yet to retrieve all my files from the backup disk thingy, if they’re even there. So no photos. That’s also why the photo in the previous post is apparently AWOL.

I started my classes and I love love love them. Except for Trig/Pre-Calc, but I’m getting a tutor (if you live here and are a math genius, please let me know ASAP, thank-ye) so all should be good very soon. Also, I’ve applied to UCT for a MBchB. I have yet to send all the forms, but I figured I’d get a head start even though I’m planning on attending in 2012, not 2011. You can always defer the application to the following year, but they say it’s best to apply for university the year you finish school even if you’re taking a gap year. Anywho, so far I have a 98 in both Creative Writing and Psychology, a 100 in Chemistry, and an 83 in math, which may sound bad but for me is actually a massive accomplishment.

I’m currently working on asymptotes and dividing variables, which is literally like Greek to me. Seriously, I was good at math until 7th grade, and that wasn’t really my fault. I’m kind of hoping it will all just come back to me or something dreamy like that, but who knows? All I do know is that I have to get this stuff if I want to get in to UCT. Which I do. Quite badly. (See my other UCT posts).

In addition, guess who is going to finally grace the world with her presence in about two weeks? Yes. Kruger junior (who currently has no other name, except princess) is arriving very very soon. I’m working my head off so that the week we’re in Cape Town I can just pace the waiting room or whatever. Needless to say, we’re all super excited.

I also applied for a job at Disneyworld for next year, but I’m thinking I might want to do some kind of internship at Disneyland instead. I’d much rather live in California (East Coast People, who get to be capitalized, scare me). Besides, Chuck Norris lives in Anaheim. Come on.

Oh right. Yesterday I went for a 1.5 hour outride and the horse I was riding, who I haven’t ridden in forever, decided to be full of himself and took off galloping when all I wanted was a canter. Do you have any idea how much of a difference there is between a nice, slow, loping canter and a freaking gallop? Did I mention I’ve never learned how to sit or whatever on a galloping horse because it’s never covered in any kind of horseback riding school?? So what I did was this. I thought of the movies I’ve seen with galloping horses and how the rider sits. I thought of Dreamer and Seabiscuit and Racing Stripes. So I leaned forward, stood up in the stirrups, bent my knees, and held onto Jet’s mane for dear life. I have to say, it was actually very fun. The thing that made me panicky was that I couldn’t stop him and I was supposed to. If I’d been all alone I would have just let him go until he got tired, because the going-super-fast-and-not-having-my-aching-rear-on-the-seat thing was fantastic. The not-knowing-how-to-stop-this-massive-stubborn-animal-while-my-instructor’s-husband-is-watching thing was freaky. Anyway. Now that I’ve told you all about everything and possibly bored you to tears, I have to get back to asymptotes and 2x squared -3x + 1 divided by x – 2.

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