Exit Stage Left

So I have a math tutor. This is an awesome, awesome thing. Luckily I have about a month’s grace with my math class, so I should still finish all my classes by October 1st. But for now I can’t go on with the class work because…well…I have no clue what’s going on. So.

Also, I went back to the NaNoWriMo boards yesterday, and oh my word, it was good to be back. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the boards are quite active, which they haven’t been lately. Apparently everyone hit the “Okay, now I REALLY miss NaNo” stage all at the same time, because there’s about ten “What You Miss About NaNo” threads in all different subsections. There’s also a not-so-small group of people who decided to do their own NaNo in June. There’s already a NaNo-like event pretty much every month, but they’re doing it all by themselves, so my hat goes off to their braveness. If you’re planning on doing NaNo, or if you’ve done it before, feel free to find me on the site; my nick is africanstardust (big surprise, I know). If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, here’s a summary: Every year, a bunch of crazy people sign up to write at least 50,000 words of fiction starting at midnight on November 1st and ending at midnight on December 1st. Usually we don’t get any sleep on the night of October 31st because we’re staying up staring at the clock, waiting for midnight and being jealous of Australia for already starting.

If you want more information, go to www.nanowrimo.org. You can also check out my writing blog at nanowrimoandme.wordpress.com. On my blog there are also links to other NaNo blogs. If you’re thinking of doing it this year, take my advice and READ THESE BLOGS. They have lots of good tips and advice, and a lot of them also have day-by-day updates so you’ll know what to expect. If you think I’m exaggerating about the massiveness of this thing, you are oh so very mistaken.

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