Attention My Two Faithful Readers

I have exciting news! Although I do apologize for spreading this around all over the internet without first posting it here, but what can I say?

Up until now I’ve had two separate blogs; this one and NaNoWriMo and Me. However, that blog has morphed beyond its original purpose as a purely NaNo blog into a general writing blog. And since writing is approximately 80% of my life, I think it should just all be lumped together, especially since this blog is technically named after one of my novels in progress. So. It will take a while, but I will be merging the blogs and getting rid of the NaNo one. Also, it will greatly reduce admin 🙂 Stay tuned. The brand spanking newishbutnotreallybecauseitwillbeatthisURL merger blog (you have to admit, you get a little thrill) will be up and running within the next week.

2 thoughts on “Attention My Two Faithful Readers”

  1. I do like the new look. It is clean and user friendly.
    Best wishes with all your writing! I love reading you thoughts, s well as your choice of photos.


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