Fuzzy Lights

Okay, the whole merging blogs thing only took about two hours of non-constant working on it, so it’s all new and shiny and packed with content now.

Exciting thing happening this week: PRINCESS will most likely grace us with her presence within the next week or so, although she may be a few days late. But either way, she’ll be here soon! I mean, technically she’s already here, but she’ll be out in the open air soon. This is by far the most exciting thing, and nothing else even comes close.

Also exciting but no where near as exciting is that I’m finally getting a new phone. This is a good thing, because my old phone was old when I got it, and I’m currently using my brother’s phone, which by definition is not even my phone. This new phone is pretty and has a full QWERTY keyboard and can actually go onto the internet, as opposed to my old phone, which lied and said it could when it actually couldn’t. So yay! And it’s also GSM so I can use it almost anywhere in the world, which is also a very good thing.

In addition, I would like to say that I’ve written about 3k in Shard in the last two days. I’m going to try and write at least 1k every day, which shouldn’t be too bad since I actually outlined this time. That means no plot holes, no scary surprises, no twisty secrets. I’ve gotten all those out of the way in the previous drafts, so now I can just write it like it’s meant to be. I’m aiming for around 240,000 words total for the whole trilogy, which is around 80,000 in each book. I’ll post some excerpts as I go. This isn’t really the actual final draft, but it’s definitely the first draft of the final draft.

And I might have a semi-job within the next week (everything is “within the next week”). My mom needs an assistant for a couple hours a day when she’s dealing with promotions in TWFTW (see all those pretty designs and pictures and blog posts? that’s my mommy). This is great because a) I don’t have to have a car or leave home and b) it’s flexible and I get payed.

Yay life! And now on to school, with which I should be done within the next three to five months. Hooray!

❀ africanstardust

3 thoughts on “Fuzzy Lights”

  1. I like your post Veronique. You write so well and authentic. I love your mind!!!! and of course, I am super excited about my new assistant:-)
    Keep up the good work.


    1. πŸ™‚ Princess is what we’re calling my soon-to-be-born niece until her parents tell us her name. I hate outlines too, but I had to do it for this book…there are WAY too many twists.


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