The Eagle Has Landed

I would like to announce in a very proud, very teary way that my first niece, Yara Naniso, was born on June 24th, 2010, at approximately 5:00 pm. “Yara” means several awesome things in several different languages, but the one Raldo and Ru decided on was the Hebrew, which is “woman” or “princess.” The second name, Naniso, is Shona (Zimbabwe, where Ru is from) and means “miracle.” I’ll put up a photo as soon as I can. Anyway, she sleeps a lot, is very healthy and happy, and is going to be spoiled in a good way by her entire family, who is rather in love with her 🙂

Also, I got my new phone and I love it. Also, I got three books by Tolkien. Also, I wrote a lot.

I should probably say this, too since I’ve been keeping (now all FIVE of you) updated on future-y things. It seems as though I may actually be going to UCT next year, as in 2011, as in seven months from now. This is both terrifying and exciting all at the same time (if it ends up happening, which is still unclear). It’s one thing to talk about going to university and another entirely to actually vamoose. Strangely, I’m not nervous about the academics, or about the social stuff, or about anything, really. It’s more the whole of the thing, everything together, all at once. One second I’ll be living with my parents and the next I’ll be ALL ALONE. Okay, not all alone. But you know what I mean, right? Anyway, the excitement far overpowers the terror, so if it does happen, which I hope it will, I say bring it on.

Writing update: I’m now at 9,617 words of Shard.
I’ve started planning/outlining The Chocolate Box Chronicles.

This week is all business. I’m moving my deadline for school up by a large but indefinite number of days, which basically translates into the following: Work all day, work part of the night, sleep like a dead person, don’t even have time to consider procrastinating. All in all, this strategy seems to work best for me, anyway. I won’t easily relive The Long Haul again, but if it comes to that, I once again say: bring it on.

EDIT: I managed to get a picture up; that’s me holding her in the hospital when she was less than a day old, just before they took her home. Awwwww… (:

1 thought on “The Eagle Has Landed”

  1. Dankie…ek hou van jou gedagte en hoe jy skryf. Ky is verstommend talentvol. En ek hou aan bid vir die leiding vn die Heilige Gees ivm jou toekoms.
    Werk jy net hard…en speel hard. Alles sal regkom:-)


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