Nothing New

DISCLAIMER: This post is not a “let’s throw a pity party for africanstardust” post. Nor is it a fishing for compliments post. This is a self reflection, “let’s-see-what-we-can-fix” post.

When I’m not feeling too hot, I think about things more than I do when I’m happy. So today I was thinking, and I realized that although I’m totally happy with who I am, there are still a lot of things I want/need to work on. We all know it helps to have an accountability thingy or whatever, so here they are.

1. I seriously have to be less selfish. This isn’t an excuse by any means, but it’s not intentional. I don’t wake up and go, “I think I’ll be uber self-centered today.” It’s just kind of there, and it needs to not be there.

2. Definitely have to work on the whole “honor your parents” thing. I love them tons and tons, but I often maybe think of them too much as friends, which gives me permission to be impulsive about what I’m thinking and feeling and I just blurt it out. Not that I’m constantly fighting with my friends (or my parents), but I mean, they act toward me as parents, and then I react as I would with a friend if said friend got angry and told me I wasn’t allowed to do something. Er… *shuffles awkwardly* So yeah…definitely definitely have to work on that.

3. Discipline, AGH. This is a constant thing for me. I get all the work done I need to, sure, and I get it done on time, but I would have so much more time for other things if I was disciplined and worked super hard, and got everything out of the way before I start doing fun things. So this one has some practicals: I am forbidding myself from going onto Facebook, Twitter, TSR, Skype, insert other social things here, until I am completely finished with all my schoolwork for the day. I will completely clean my room each night before I go to sleep. I freakin’ will get up when the freakin’ alarm goes off.

Er…I think that may be it, actually.

Random short term practical goals:

1. study 10 min a day for license
2. stretch for 15 min a day
3. do at least 20 min of some kind of cardio exercise a day

2 thoughts on “Nothing New”

  1. Liefkind

    Ek waardeer jou skrywe. Ek kannie juis ier daarop se nie want jy het alles self gese:-) Die lewe is nie vir sissies nie. Jy is ook nie ‘n sissie nie. Maar die moeilikste van volwasse lewe is dat jou lewe jou verantwoordelikheid is.
    Neem dit op. Niks wat die mpoeite werd is kom net maklik nie.
    PS Tannie Tharien het ‘n link op haar webblad “wishlist”. Dis oulik vir my as jy dit ook op joune wil sit.


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