India, Here I Come!

“India? Well, this is random. You haven’t mentioned India in your blogs. Did you misspell it as ‘France’ earlier or something? Or are you now misspelling ‘France’ as ‘India?’ What is it with you and traveling, anyway? Did you win the lottery? Is your real name Hurley? Are you cursed? Do you know a guy named Leonard?”

Er, no. I’m quite good with spelling, I love to travel, and no, I did not win the lottery. Nor is my name Hurley, and nor am I aย  man.

The thing is, my parents are going to India in November to do work for The Word for the World. Normally I would have gone with them, because until now I was a minor. However – you can see how these two are related – I am turning 19 on Sunday (eek), and therefore am no longer a minor. Meaning that, if I want my oh-so-awesome-travel-ness to continue, I have to get my own money together.

This is why I’m posting about this now. I suppose it’s a bit late, but anyway. WARNING: the following is extremely humble and not self-obsessed.

If you were planning on buying me a present, first of all thanks! And second, please consider donating instead to africanstardust’s Fund of africanstardust Going to India Fund. I have to get approximately R9,000, or $1,300, together in the next two months if this is going to happen (which would be freaking awesomesauce). I will be doing other things such as making and selling cards, selling books I don’t want, selling clothes, selling my bed (just kidding. I like my bed slightly more than I like travel.) and so on. However, your help if you choose to give it would be much appreciated, and if you can’t give money, I would still appreciate your prayers.

Obviously I want to go to India just because I want to go to India. However, although this is not technically a missions trip, I will be helping my mom in handling promotional work for the ministry if I go, and doing what I can to hand out hugs and happiness and what not; so this is not just for my own benefit.

Thanks so much and have a fantastic day. If you would like to help out you can comment with your email, Facebook me if we’re already Facebook pals, or you can email me at

And prepare yourselves, because the next time I post I will officially be ~*~*~*an adult*~*~*~.

2 thoughts on “India, Here I Come!”

  1. HAHAHAHA, this is cool, you know my cousin actualy sold his bed the other day for extra cash and to make space in his room for a punching bag…eish


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