In Motion

Copyright © 2010 by Veronique Kruger

Today I have a little to say about a lot of things, so forgive me if this is choppy and boring. There will be little to no deep thoughts or insights; it is what we call An Update Post.

Firstly, if all goes according to plan, I have precisely 47 days (that’s 1,128 hours, 67,680 minutes, 4,060,800 seconds) until I finish school. FOREVER. After 4,060,800 seconds have passed, I will never have to do anything related to high school again (not counting my potential offspring, but at least I get a decade’s break, you know?).

Secondly, I have completed exactly 61.75 out of 90 hours of horseback riding that is required for my diploma. I can report that these 60-some hours have accomplished the following: 1) I’m not deathly afraid of horses anymore, 2) I can canter without getting a side ache, and 3) I know what those buckle thingies on the bridles and saddles are for.

Thirdly, I am now 19. I just thought I would add that.

Fourthly, my India fund is going well. I’ve received a donation and I’ve sold my bike and am receiving the money in increments, but once I have it all I will officially have R1,350 out of R9,000, or $180 out of $1,300. Once again, any donations and/or prayers are greatly appreciated, and you can email me at if you feel like dropping your spare change in my pockets.

Fifthly, I am going to write the South African National Benchmark Tests on Saturday, which include Math literacy and English proficiency evaluations. I’m not too terribly nervous, but I would appreciate your prayers on that day. I will be writing from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, so please be praying that I stay energized and refreshed and that I can stay focused for all that time. This has everything to do with my admission to UCT, so it’s quite an important day.

That’s all. I thank you if you stayed for all that rambling. If you visit (which is unlikely since most of you live across The Pond and the others, you know, have lives), you will be most warmly welcomed, especially if you bring coffee with you.

❤ africanstardust

2 thoughts on “In Motion”

    1. Thanks for this reality check! And, have I lately told you that I love you? Only the very best wishes for this week…..


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