This Post Has No Title Because Math Ate My Brain

Today (five seconds ago, to be specific) I was sitting behind my desk, enjoying a rather hard-earned short break from The School Year to End All School Years, eating cheese and crackers, when suddenly a terribly uncomfortable realization dawned on me.

I have turned into the stereotypical, slobby, sloppy, pajama-wearing homeschooled student who slouches, gets no exercise, and spends free time eating cheese and crackers while sitting behind a desk. The same desk behind which I do school, read for fun, and talk to my friends. The same desk behind which I spend ALL of my time.

Being a fairly normal, well-adjusted, non-socially-awkward, having-many-interests person, this realization nearly scared me out of my pants. I would go on a rant and ask “How did this happen?!” but I already know how this happened, so I won’t do that to you. I also will not go on yet another rant about my current life situation. If you want to see some of that, I’m sure you’ll find plenty in the archive posts.

What I will say is this: being, in fact, a fairly normal, well-adjusted, non-socially-awkward person, I am not okay with this. If all goes according to plan I’ll be at university next year in January, and that’s fine. But I have no plans to spend the next six or so months in my current state. That would be so pathetic that someone might be compelled to make some kind of horrible B-movie about it. After all, I do in fact have a life, and it would be a shame to waste six months of it.

So I’m thinking I might start exercising seriously again (seriously meaning “more than half a push-up before collapsing from lack of oxygen”). And, you know, GOING OUTSIDE once in a while. Hello, I live in what is possibly THE most beautiful town in the world, with sea AND mountains AND fynbos, and I never go outside. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? What’s the use of me working so hard that I start to resemble Gollum because I’m in the house 24/7? Then even when I finish school I won’t want to go outside because I’d rather not have people call me Slinker, Stinker, or The Smelly Bog.

*calls self back from tangent* Ahem. Anyway. Let’s hope I manage to stick to my resolution this time. And also that every injury that happened when I attempted this the last ten billion times doesn’t come back.

2 thoughts on “This Post Has No Title Because Math Ate My Brain”

  1. Hey girl…you do horseback riding at least twice a week…so cheer up. But I am cheering you on you enjoy the beautiful surroundings with us, and good luck with those push-ups. Even half a one is better than nothing;-)

    You are doing great!


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