Do you know what month it is? Do you KNOW what month it is? It’s October. But I mean, do you know what MONTH it is??? It’s….

drrrrrrum rollllll

NaMoBeNaNoWriMoMo!!!!! Also known as National Month Before National Novel Writing Month Month.

Yebo, my friends, it is the month before NaNo, and I’m so excited it feels like someone injected my blood cells with pure sugar. Anyway, I will absolutely be posting all about NaNo again this year, the build up, the writing, the non-writing, the coffee, the pain, the spilled ink, and the general insanity. If you’re new to it this year, be sure to check out my NaNo 2009 posts and read other people’s blogs!! This will be a lifesaver, trust me. That way, when you hit week 2 and your eyeballs fall out, you won’t be surprised and you’ll have ductape handy.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, no fear, for I shall educate you! Up above on the menu bar somewhere you’ll see an ALL THINGS NANO section. Click there and read through the links. Of course, your main source for information should be the NaNo Website, which has just been reset for the new year and is shiny and full of people freaking out because their winner bars are gone (I cry. It is sad.)

Which brings me to my next, much more important subject…India. God is awesome. We now have all the funds we need, including living costs and travel expenses, and we are all set! I will also, obviously, be blogging all about India. I have decided, though, that on this blog I will only be doing NaNo things in November. I’ll post all my blogs about India, in order, in the month of December. This is just because both demand lots of attention, especially India, and I don’t want to lump them together. So yeah πŸ™‚

If you are doing NaNo, be sure to let me know in the comments or on the site, where you can find me as africanstardust. And now I must get back to work so I can actually do NaNo, as opposed to sitting in a pathetic heap doing Trigonometry in Bangalore. That would make for a good story, but it’s not much help if I can’t actually write it down. Hurrah!

4 thoughts on “Da Da DUM”

    1. Yes!! I hope you all are having some sort of soccer themed write in at least once πŸ™‚ We may as well enjoy it while it’s still 2010, you know?


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