Title, Plot, Characters, and Updates

Uh…sorry for the massive, slow-loading pic. I forgot to optimize it for the web, but I’ll fix it later.

Anyway, I have my plot for this year’s NaNo! I also have my goal and characters and all jazz like that. So, here you are.

Title: City of Sand

Main Characters: Ashira/Raziyah, Hasan, Achev, Ezekiel, Ramses, Nefertari

Synopsis-ish Thing: Ashira, or Raziyah, as she is called by the Egyptian family who owns her, is possibly the only Hebrew slave girl who doesn’t want to leave Egypt when her people begin their great Exodus. But, because of the plagues Moses has brought down upon the Egyptians, she is thrown out and forced to leave, and stays behind the rest of her people with the foreign stragglers who leave with them.

Hasan is the eldest son of a wealthy Egyptian landowner who leaves his home behind to go with the Hebrews to the land their God has promised them. A friend of the family who owned Ashira, he spots her with the rest of the foreigners and for the first time, they are on equal ground.

On their long journey they both battle for acceptance from two different groups, and to find out what it is they really believe.

WC Goal: 100,000. If this novel doesn’t have 100k in it, I’ll start another one when this one runs out of steam.


As for the updates…

I did the SATs on Saturday and think it went really well. I am finishing my Psychology class today. I am finishing my Chemistry class hopefully before Wednesday. I am finishing my Creative Writing class over next weekend. And, last but not at all least, I am about halfway in my Trig/Pre-Calc class…I hope to have it done by 1.5 weeks from now. In short, I am working my butt off, but it’s going to be so worth it when I have a school-free India/NaNo November. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Title, Plot, Characters, and Updates”

  1. Die omslag is baie mooi, nes jy! ek is so opgewonde omdat jy opgewonde is. En omdat dit ‘n best seller gaan word….die graduation gift to yourself. Geniet dit!


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