Cell Phones and Travel Stations


Whoa, I cannot believe it’s already October 29. This is insane. Tomorrow we leave for India, yippee! Speaking of which, I’ve decided that I will in fact be blogging NaNo and India at the same time. I’ll just do half and half posts…so if you’re a Wrimo, ignore the India part if you want, although you might find it interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

So. After I finished school at 3:12 am on Tuesday morning (see previous post) I crashed for two days. Except for going to Cape Town, I was literally in bed the whole time. Yesterday I had sort of recovered (thanks to an amazing spa present from my mommy and daddy), and today I’m almost back to normal. The past few weeks have been so crazy and insane, I think my brain just kind of died haha. I thought I’d still get some riding in, but I was just too tired, and now there’s no time left. However, I’m taking my riding stuff with me to India so that I can stay in practice.

I have started to transform my room from school-centered to writing-centered. All my textbooks and notes are now safely put away in one of my bookcases, my desk drawers are school-free, and instead of math notes they now contain ink, a feather quill, and other writing related things. I’m working on my packing list as we speak. For the first time in four years, it does not include any textbooks.

In other news…NANOOOO is almost upon us! I hope you’re all excited for it and not freaking out too much. A little bit of the jitters is fine, but remember that it’s supposed to be fun above all else ๐Ÿ™‚ As for me, I’m too busy and frenzied to be stressed at all.

Okay, well, this was kind ofย  a boring, rambling post…I blame it on lack of coffee and already being in travel mode.

1 thought on “Cell Phones and Travel Stations”

  1. So our house is school-free…wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I have with drawl symptoms…..
    Anyhow, I enjoy this new life. Ha-ha. But I am freaking out about NaNo!!!!!!!


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