The Beginning

This is the first of the split posts, which the majority will be this month. India first, NaNo second 🙂 Take your pick or read it all. Oh yeah, this was from the 1st of November, after midnight, so I have more for you today…I’ll post it tonight or something.



Well, wow. Where to start. Um…okay, the trip itself was surprisingly smooth. Emirates officially trumps all other airlines I’ve been on. When you have ambient purple and blue light, and a star field in the ceiling of the plane, and good food and amazing service, and over 140 movies, you pretty much rule out all competition in  my book. The only bump we had in the trip isn’t even worthy of being called a bump, especially in comparison with most of our other, rather bumpy trips. Dubai airport is awesome and I’m looking forward to spending more time there on the way back. The thing that hit me there, and that has continued to hit me since then, is how laid back these people are. These are day one impressions, so it’s possible that by some freak accident and coincidence we came into contact with the 5% of people in Asia that are laid back. but anyway. Dubai airport is a big, international, meeting-of-many-cultures place, much like Heathrow in London and Schipol in Amsterdam…and yet, none of the usual cutthroat, dog-eat-dog atmosphere was there. And we had Starbucks! Yay! I feel more like myself already.


So. India. When we got here it was nearing the end of dusk, and the sky was dark cerulean. People say that all the time, I know. But really. Picture the deepest, most fantastical shade of blue that you can, and that’s what the sky looked like. It got dark pretty quickly, so I can’t really say much about what Bangalore looks like yet. I will say this: it reminds me a lot of Ethiopia, except less…hostile? I’m not sure what the right word is. But it’s the same thing as at Dubai. I’m used to the ruthlessness of Africa, and I love it because it’s Africa, but this so far, is much different. As I said or at least implied, these are the comments of a slightly jet lagged African chick who has only seen a tiny part of Bangalore at night from inside a speeding minivan. Oh, yeah…so far, I have been able to ascertain one extra traffic rule that the US and SA don’t have. When you get to a turn in the road, a speed bump, a car (whether in your lane or in oncoming traffic), someone on a motorcycle, someone on a bike, a dog, a pedestrian, or basically anything that is not the immovable, straight and narrow road, honk. Honk twice for good measure. It’s just polite.


I have had my first real, authentic Asian food. WOW. My tongue is still on fire, but in a good, flavorful way. By the way…in the US when they say egg fried rice, they mean fried rice with little indiscernible scraps of fried egg, just for the flavor. In India (yes, SO FAR, please don’t shoot me because of hasty generalizations), they mean uno fried egg. Which was interesting because the yolk was neon yellow, but tasty all at the same time. Anyway…I’ll have more for you once I actually start seeing things.


Also, holy cow, I do not remember vaccinations hurting this much…I got them on Friday and my upper arms still hurt like it’s 2012 (what? I don’t know, go ask Mr. Jetlag over there.) Oh, and I was an ignorant tourist today! I’m not sure if this is cause for celebration or a severe shaking of the head. But…I can’t help it if I’ve never thought about what country Dubai is in. It’s just Dubai. However, apparently there is a “comma, United Arab Emirates” attached to it.



I confess, the excitement of NaNo passed me by a little bit this year because of packing, finishing school, and flying. However, I stayed up until midnight even though we’d been traveling for about 36 hours straight and wrote a grand total of 27 words. I need to get up to 5k by the end of the day, but I just couldn’t get more out tonight. Often I kind of feed on my tiredness when I’m writing, but travel tiredness is a whole other beast. SO how did you all do?? Remember, if you feel like you can keep going past the word count, then do it. You’ll thank yourself later, if you’re not too busy kicking yourself in the shins for signing up for this thing.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning”

  1. I had a slow (for me) start to NaNoWriMo this year.
    I made about 12k in the first three days to carry me through work and health issues, but the health issues started early.

    Still, it is looking like a good year.

    Write on!!!


    1. Oops. I edited that, and didn’t do it properly.

      It was meant to say I did 2500 words, but I normally try for 12k in the first three days. I am still far from 12k.



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