And Then Some Stuff Happened


Okay, in my defense, I wrote a blog post a few days ago but accidentally lost it, and then I didn’t feel like writing a whole new one. Anyway. So much is happening that it would be hard to cover everything in detail, so I’ll just give you a highlight. First of all, my impressions from day one are, so far, proving to be correct, at least for the parts of Bangalore that I’ve seen.

Over the weekend we went to stay with good friends of ours who have lived here for a while. We saw, among other things, Commercial Street, which is HUGE and AWESOME. You wouldn’t believe how packed it is. I mean, whoa. Go to the mall the day after Christmas and it’s still not even close. In fact, look at the picture I’ve posted. That’s how packed it is. But it’s beautiful and full of life, and it was an amazing experience just to be there; I didn’t even buy anything. There are also side streets, which are apparently themed…we found the shoe street, the cloth street, and the stationery street. But there’s no way you could possibly see it all in a few hours, or even a few days. If there’s one thing I’m learning about India, it’s that there’s so much to explore and see that you kind of need to live here to see it all. It’s an incredibly diverse, interesting, layered country, from what I’ve seen so far. The food continues to be incredible and the clothes aren’t bad, either. I am now the proud owner of two sparkly saris, which I am looking for an excuse to wear. Anyone know of any good fancy restaurants in Bangalore? That aren’t expensive or at least won’t kick you out if you only drink coffee? Speaking of which, I have been addicted to coffee for some time, but now I’m addicted to espresso. More specifically, drinking an espresso really fast, especially if it’s a double. Who needs drugs?

Also, I have bleeding blisters. There is something incredibly satisfying but simultaneously unfortunately pathetic about this. Anywho, I’m way sad that almost two weeks are already gone and I can’t believe time flew by like this…I kind of want to live here. I’ll add it to my already long list of countries I want to live in for a few years ๐Ÿ˜‰


There’s this thing called BSOYCBOSS, or Being Sick Of Your Computer Because Of School Syndrome, and I have it. I’m barely on facebook, I had to bribe myself with leftover noodles to blog today, and even Word and Scrivener are off limits. This means, in effect, that I have 14,600 words and am approximately 40,400 words behind if I want to stick to my original goal. I’m thinking I might just go for 100k this month. I’m afraid India and good friends are slightly better company than spending hours with Charlie ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I am getting lots of ideas for books…which could be good or bad…

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