Holy Freaking Cow

Do you have any idea how quiet South Africa is? I mean, go out on the street. Sure, there are some taxis honking and people shouting and what not, but really, it’s pretty quiet. You can speak at a normal volume and people will hear you. Also, it’s clean. It’s really, really clean. My Converse, which looked perfectly fine in Bangalore, now look horrendously filthy to me. Did I mention it’s quiet? It’s really, really quiet. Yesterday I almost felt claustrophobic. Given, this is a small, seaside town…but still. Even Cape Town is quiet. When we drove out of the airport, all three of us looked at each other and went, “Where’s all the traffic?”

In other news…you know that feeling of absolute and total brokenness when literally all you can do is pass out in God’s arms and give Him the reins? Well…I usually rather dislike what leads up to that feeling, but when it actually comes, I feel such an immense, glorious relief that I find myself wishing it could always be like that. And I wonder…shouldn’t it be? People say you can’t constantly have some deep spiritual experience, but this isn’t the same as an amazing worship time or even as clearly hearing God’s voice. It’s just…rest. Rightness. It’s a literal example of when we are weak, He is strong. Precisely because we’re weak, stripped of all our pretense and pride and knowledge and human wisdom and human strength, He has a clear channel to work through us. Let’s not all turn into reincarnations of Edgar Allen Poe…I just mean that when the brokenness comes, surrender to God. He’s brought you to this place for a reason; now it’s just you and Him, in the secret place, together. It isn’t a place of enmity or danger of harm…it’s a planned, protected, guarded place where He meets with you.

I thought I’d also give a bit of a life update while I’m at it. First, UCT has accepted me on the condition that I qualify for matriculation exemption, which I do, so UCT has accepted me!!! Yes. I’m happy. I don’t know about the res thing yet, but it’s all good. Second, I’m going for my license tomorrow…cross your fingers. Third…oh, yeah, I guess that’s kind of it. Oh wait…yes, I did “fail” NaNo. But what’s the point of NaNo? To get you to write more than you normally would. So even though I didn’t officially win, I still feel good about the words I cranked out, as well as the stories I began. I’m going to have to completely start over on City of Sand, but Spare Me Over is going well and I’ll hopefully finish it before the end of the year.

As a side note, my Twitter sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, so sorry if you sent me messages or tweets…only the automated blog announcements work 100% of the time. Not sure what’s up with that. Yay technology.

And another thing: one of the things on my List of Things to do Before I Die is to watch the sunrise in India. I never did do that in November…so I guess I’ll just have to go back 🙂

(I have been watching a lot of spy-type movies, so I’m sorely tempted to end with something epic, but I won’t do that to you. With great power comes great responsibility. What? Who said that?)

1 thought on “Holy Freaking Cow”

  1. You go girl! Well said, good thinking. Congrats on accomplishments and 6 A’s???!!!!!
    Oh, I hahahave to go now, it’s getting cold from the snow:-)


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