Pride Comes Before the Fall

Look at this super artsy picture I took of some bricks. Isn't it awesome and totally irrelevant?

Can one become proud of being humble?

Can one become proud of knowing how much you need Christ, and therefore become proud of your sin?

And without humility, without knowing how much you need Christ, doesn’t everything else fall apart?

Unfortunately for us, the answer to these questions is yes. The saying “pride comes before the fall” couldn’t be more true. Here’s the thing: God requires a humble, truly convicted heart. Sin is the key thing that separates us from God, and when we humbly come to Him, sin is no longer a problem. But without that humility, how can you even realize you need a savior? Pride is one of the worst things we have to struggle with. And it comes up so easily…because the second you find yourself on your face in front of God, doesn’t that little thought pop up? “I’m being so humble. YES. I have achieved humility. I rock.” And then you have to start all over again. The problem with pride is it comes so easily; much more easily than many other sins; yet it’s so much more harmful.

Also, maybe with other sins – maybe – you can stop yourself, at least as far as the act is concerned (in thought we pretty much lose the race before we even start). But pride is pure heart, thought, soul. It’s not really an act; it’s not really a temptation you can stop or resist. You need God’s strength for all sin, but pride is a particularly special case. ONLY God can deal with it. So the ONLY way to get rid of it is to fully trust God and focus your thoughts on Him. We should always be doing this anyway, but maybe avoiding pride is good added incentive.

One of the all too many bottom lines of life in general is this: we are absolutely and totally dependent on God, and much of our conflict in life comes from resisting this.

Of course, there is no recipe or step by step program for, as they say, “letting go and letting God.” But from my own personal experience…reading the Bible every day makes a massive, massive difference. I know it sounds insane when the pastor stands up there telling you this book is alive, but it’s the truth. The Word of God is living and breathing; it is God on paper. Even when you feel like you aren’t absorbing or understanding anything, that your brain refuses to concentrate…trust me, it’s soaking in. Try it, even if you think what I’m saying is crap. It’s not a fix; it’s not an instant thing; it’s not a vending machine. One verse won’t give you ten points toward a new car. But if you’re interested in knowing God, in being dead to sin and pride, and in developing a relationship with Jesus, then take it from a fellow traveler: pick up that book. You need it. The Bible is also the best cure for pride I’ve ever come across. Believe me, just when you start feeling like you’ve arrived, you’ll read something about pharisees. I swear it’s like a timed thing.

P.S. I have recently updated some pages. If you roll your mouse over “About Me” and “All Things NaNo” at the top navigation bar you’ll see a drop down menu with pages. I’ve added to the content, including pictures. Keep checking back for more updates. Thanks!

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