Okay, let’s face it, I am not sad about leaving home. It’s not that I hate my house, my town, my parents, my current life, or my cat – quite the opposite. It’s just…time. However, I know that the day I actually leave, I will obviously be a little bit sad, and there are definitely things I will miss.

1. early morning coffee with my parents, and my parents in general

2. how my cat sits next to me and stares at me dazedly while he eagerly awaits The Finishing of the Breakfast, at which point he gets to lick my bowl clean…and my cat in general

3. my picture-covered closet, my two and a half stuffed bookshelves, my Ethiopian/Egyptian/Indian/French-looking room

4. late afternoon walks with my parents, down to our “church” by the sea

5. seeing the ocean from the living room first thing every morning

6. Frodo, Scottie, and the two bliksems next door

7. my insane closet, which also happens to smell like a Soch candle

8. Cap’n Jack Sparrow

9. the Colorado license plate that used to be on our Dodge and now has a place of honor atop me wardrobe

10. the Ethiopian umbrella

11. Nefertiti and her Egyptian homies

12. my high school textbooks.

13. HA! Bet you fell for that one…

14. my paper clip/pop top ring/random strings of things curtain


Things I will not miss:

1. the sewage truck (apparently it’s still the dark ages down here)

2. the tarantula family that apparently thinks I need an annual visit in my room, and that they need to surprise me by hiding under my clothes

3. my Starbucks cup and plastic breakfast fish (don’t laugh) because I’m taking them with me ๐Ÿ™‚

4. being alone (although after a month in the dorms I might start to miss this one)

5. the creepy 6 inch wide, 1.5 foot deep space beside my closet that is dark, dusty, and possibly haunted.

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