We Are Small

This is me right now: picture a sunburned chick who should by all rights be getting even more sunburned at the moment, but is instead refreshing the BA website every two minutes to see if her flight to cold and snowy London, and eventually Denver, will still be flighting.

However, I am fully aware that I do not have it nearly as bad as the people who have been stuck on an airport for three days. I think the producers of The Day After Tomorrow and The Terminal got together on this one and decided to play an enormous, completely un-funny practical joke on the traveling world and those living on its edges. It’s horrible to think that because of weather, not only will these people be stuck on an airport for another day or so, but also might not be home for Christmas. I mean, yes, you get those cynical, holidays-are-for-schmucks people, but I’m sure even they are not excited to be spending this time in what could be called a refugee camp.

Just in case we were starting to think we’re in control again…well, we’re not. I don’t know how much of global warming is just a hype, but whatever you believe about it, I’m pretty sure about one thing: the planet is spitting us out, and I would do the same thing. I might, however, have waited until after Christmas. Then again, isn’t Christmas actually in June or something like that? Anyway.

To all the weak and weary travelers, I sincerely hope Heathrow and the other stuck-in-the-snow places at least gave everyone a round of free eggnog, and that you’ll be able to be on your way very soon.

As for the rest of you, have a wonderful pre-Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

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