On the Road Again

I am happy to report that I am checked in for both the Cape Town – London flight and the London – Denver flight, there seems to be clear weather until Saturday (the 26th), and I’m all packed and ready to go. If this had not worked out, it would have been one of those unfortunate times where I keep telling God, “I trust you and I know you have a plan and stuff, and I know everything works out for the best, and that it’s not about me being happy all the time, but just so you know, at this very moment, this sucks.”

In addition, I also just discovered that my Christmas-y blog background is capable of doing that Magic Eye thing. There’s no pop-out thingy because I made the background myself and I’m so not that skilled, but still, the 3D effect is kind of cool. In case you have no clue what the heck I’m talking about…Magic Eye Info, aka Anti-Boredom Device 3000.

Since I won’t be blogging again for a while…have a very merry Christmas (that’s right, Christmas)! I hope you’re spending it with family and/or friends and/or people you can stand to be around. Northern Hemisphere: May your fires be roaring, your icicles sparkling, your eggnog warming, and your Christmas white. Southern Hemisphere: May your stars be bright, your heat mild, your beaches roomy, and your evenings warm.

This is my absolute favorite time of year for many, many reasons, but the biggest one is why it even exists in the first place. And no, I’m actually not talking about Santa Clause.

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