A Summary of Epicness

So I thought I’d give you a rundown of all the fun that’s been had on this trip, because that’s fun.

1. Lots of freezing cold nights driving with the windows down and the music blasting. It’s a medical miracle that I do not have a cold.
2. Trying on wedding dresses at two different places and realizing that I must have been an actress in another life.
3. Eating my weight in McDonald’s, Chinese food, and Mexican food, and yet…not gaining weight. Another medical miracle, methinks.
4. Of course this could be because I’ve been walking my butt off. The mall, the town, the downtown…all these provide adequate exercise, and at 7,000 feet above sea level, too. Hurrah for being aided in my junk food quest!
5. Lots of Starbucks.
6. Spending an evening watching the stars on the hood of a car in 0 degree (Fahrenheit) weather (which is something on my list, by the way) and then high tailing it out of there when we realized a possibly drug deal was happening, and hiding out at a gas station until the suspicious cars were gone, while being nourished by hot chocolate and powdered donuts.
7. Renting and watching 8 movies while gorging ourselves on junk food.
8. Seeing a super rad movie.
9. Getting breakfast at IHOP (pancakes, not prayer). Ever notice how no one ever gets breakfast? it’s always “let’s get lunch” or coffee or dinner. We’re fighting the man one step at a time.
10. Seeing two of the most adorable cats in existence and the rad family who belongs to them. They also have the coolest names. Merlin and Sumo. COME ON. Of course, the coolest named/most adorable cat ever still remains Pounce. ❀
11. Going to a gorgeous building in the downtown and singing in the stairwell.
12. Accidentally visiting the FBI in a different building in the downtown, and getting bribed to stay by an FBI guy with "free candy." Which we never got. Maybe this is why people don't trust the government, because they promise free candy and then don't give you any.
13. Going to the Ancient Mariner in Manitou Springs, which is a very pirate themed bar. And then drinking mocktails at said pirate themed bar while watching a guy play with his cute puppy. And then telling him his puppy is cute, at which point he and his friend go in a very non-creepy way, "You ladies are cute too." Yes. Yes we are.
14. Eating way too much at the Asian Buffet, and then, as per tradition, writing our names and the date on the bottom of a certain table. One of the many reasons why we love this place? Because none of the people who work there think it's at all suspicious or wrong that two chicks are lying flat on the booth bench thingies with pens in their hands.

Things remaining are:
1. Epic Gone With the Wind/other movies/more reading of stories day
2. Epic hanging with Rachel
3. Other Epic-ness that awaits! Three days is time for many, many things πŸ™‚

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