Hugs From Me to You

I’m pretty sure we all think the same thing sometimes while browsing on Facebook: I barely know this person. Why am I friends with them? But sometimes, too, I think, I barely know this person. I haven’t talked to them in years and even that conversation was kind of meaningless. But these are people I wish I knew better. Life is crazy and busy and it passes us by sometimes…sometimes we can only see in hindsight that we should have invested more in a friendship.

And often, like today, when I browse, I see really and truly good people who are having crappy days, who are brave enough to follow their dreams but keep hitting obstacles, who actually have the courage to do what they love but keep getting tripped up. This strikes me as somewhat unfair. But then, this is the “catch,” right? Following your dreams, your Dreams with a capital D, takes courage beyond words, and maybe that alone is the hazing process. If you have courage to do that, then you have courage to keep going no matter what. And that should be an encouragement to all of you out there who are doing this. Simply by deciding to go after the thing you love, you already have what it takes. So don’t stop or lose hope. Everything will work out.

And maybe someday I’ll actually get to know some of these people better; the people I keep on my friends list because of their goodness and inspiring thirst for life.

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