UCT. ‘Nuff Said.

Of course I checked the forms, Mr. Attractive Professor From Italy With Pretty Eyes and a Pretty Accent…I mean, uh, yes, I checked the timetable and none of the courses clash.

University: a medley of weird new things and neon colored fliers screaming at you to turn your textbooks into beer!! (The drinking age in SA is 18.) Also: a rather large, rather intimidating because of its largeness, mission field. A university campus – or at least my university campus – is like a concentrated little world of its own where someone (also known as the Admissions Office of All Powerfulness) stuffed in as huge a variety of people, beliefs, races, nationalities, religions, and opinions as is humanly possible. This is a very, very good thing for many, many reasons which would take a million sociology books to list, but it also means that as a Christian, now is the time to define for yourself what you believe exactly and how you’re going to live that out. Just in my first week here I’ve already had to remind myself of boundaries and “rules,” not because I’m eager to break them, but because it’s been a long time since I’ve even had to think about it. For example, making eyes at the professor probably isn’t super godly, yeah? (Don’t worry, I didn’t, I’m just saying.)

I think we don’t realize that just being with our parents or other family (if they’re Christians) is already a kind of fellowship of believers, and it keeps us accountable. But when you’re suddenly on your own, it’s so so so important to get connected. Obviously we listen to the Holy Spirit and use him as our guide, but let’s face it, sometimes we need an actual, physical person standing in front of us, telling us outright, and with proof from the Bible, NOT to do something, or the right way to live. There’s a reason God invented church and pastors cell groups and what not. For the other Ikeys out there, check out His People; church meets on campus at Baxter Theater at 9 am, 11 am, and 6:30 pm on Sundays.

Oooookay, on to the fun stuff. Today was registration, and I spent all day either sitting in uncomfortable metal chairs that hit my spine right at the curve, standing in lines as long as a football field (I am not joking), or walking as fast as my little legs could carry me up and down the many, many, many, many, many, many, many MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY stairs on campus (just the Jammie steps number 101, and they aren’t even close to half of all the stairs available to burn your legs). Also, it was somewhere around 30 degrees today with no wind. Ouch. This afternoon, while waiting for the Jammie, I was so tired I was one of those freaky people who lie down on the ground while waiting for the bus. Hurrah for the proles. HOWever, despite UCT’s slightly primitive and inefficient system, the stubborn UCT internet network, the heat, and the exercise…I adore Cape Town. I keep thinking “I want to LIVE here” and then realizing that I DO live here. After four years of wanting to live here, I finally do, and it’s so much better than I ever thought it would be. What amazes me even more is that all the while in Kleinmond, on all the hard days, God was already here; in my room, on campus, on my way home; he was here, and he was waiting. How cool is that?

Now I’m done rambling and, after my loooong walk home, I will commence with another much-loved university student tradition: nap time.

Oh, yeah, quick US trip update…after my last post, Hilary and I undertook about seven missions to get kicked out of Walmart (click here for FUN, also applicable to other stores), all of which failed; but we also did an epic shopping cart race, inspired by the movie Extreme Days. I couldn’t find a video clip of this, but check out THIS awesomeness!

PS Dude who was yelling at me to buy the overalls. I want to buy the overalls. I will buy them eventually. I will buy them today if you give me the R150, you can stop yelling at me, and we’re all happy. Sound good?

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