This Is My Song

Today I wanted to write a poem, but words failed me. Some things are too big for words, and to even try to describe them would be undermining. Sometimes comparing something to the beauty of the early dawn sun or dew on a rose petal isn’t close to enough. Sometimes even the ancient sound of wind can’t capture the whisperings of an indescribable thought. Sometimes to keep a thing secret is the only way to capture it; to let it be what it is without putting it in a box of words and prose. Some things are too unfathomable, to wide, too deep, too vast to even comprehend. These are the whispers of the soul, the language we can’t translate, the things not found in books. A heart song, a soul song. The warmth of the sun, the yellow of a sunflower, the chill of a snowflake, the mourning wind, the clattering leaves, the singing breeze in the trees, the shining mist draped around the shoulders of a great and mighty mountain, the windows to a soul, the light that shatters the darkness. This is my song.

3 thoughts on “This Is My Song”

  1. I’m sure it is a beautiful song, because you are a beautiful person, and God is exceedingly beautiful, beyond our imaginations!


  2. This touched my heart in a very unique way, specially today. I hit home. I could not have verbalized it myself. Thank you, thank you.


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