Why My Mom is Best

You are the most incredible, most beautiful mom in the world.
You spent all the time, energy, effort, and thought that you had to raise me, be there for me, and guide me; and you still do.
You love me for who I am and don’t try to force me into a mold.
You encourage all my antics and strangeness, and love me for them.
You show me every day what it is to be gentle, to be kind, to be patient, to be forgiving, to be unselfish, to be loving without condition, to be a follower of Christ, to be a daughter of God.
You show me every day what it is to be truly beautiful; and you are, from the deepest part of your heart to the tip of your nose.
You are absolutely lovely in every way possible, and in some ways that are impossible.
You know that sometimes all a person needs is to cry, even if there’s no real reason for it.
You never judge me, you always give me the benefit of the doubt, and you always love me.
You are the best mom in the world, but you’re also my friend and my sister.
You’re not above watching chick flicks and eating bowl fulls of ice cream with me.
You make me soup when I’m sick and make me comfort food when I’m heartsick.
Your arms are always there to hug me, your ears are always there to listen, your words are always there to comfort and guide.

These are all reasons that add to why you’re the best, and there are so many more that they are quite possibly infinite; but the BIGGEST reason of all is simply because you’re you, and you’re my mom, and I love you lots. xoxoxox

2 thoughts on “Why My Mom is Best”

  1. Thank you my darling daughter. What a tribute! I am humbled but oh, so grateful. If I never had you, I would have you now. What does one do, how does one live without the richness of Veronique Kruger?
    I love you to pieces.


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