Says Little Veroni to Big Veroni

You know what’s great about my dad?

I’m his princess, but he taught me to fight (and he knows I can).
He bought me dolls, and he bought me plastic swords.
He made me a language addict.
If you really want to see him mad, then hurt me or one of his other kids, or my mom.
This is also a really good way to get your head ripped off.

He’s the best pastor and spiritual leader I know, but he always puts his family first (maybe that’s why).
He pushes me but is always proud of me no matter what.
When I fail, he says, “Eat something, go to sleep, and try again tomorrow.”
Because of him I know the Bible is truth, and the Bible is God’s love letter to me.
He’s a warrior and a peacemaker.
He’s diplomatic but uncompromising.
He’s wise but knows he has a lot to learn.

He’s my dad ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Father’s Day, pappie.

Lots of love
Veronikikikiki โค

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