See the smiles on their faces
funny photos on a wall
see the colorful happy
like a whole bunch of Sharpies
and the golden light on green trees

pray nostalgia away
keep your gaze to the center
there are better things coming
and you’ll overcome

it’s a battle, it’s a war
it’s a bloody, gruesome score
played by grim harps and violins
and sour flutes like nails on chalkboard

but I’ll bet you a dollar
there are still stars in the sky
the sun’s not dim,
the moon’s not bloody;
you’ll be fine –
and you’ll overcome.

crush the flower,
smell its fragrance
only pain can make it sweet
perfumed air, happy senses

you’re a warrior, you’re a servant
you’re a ruler, king, and slave
there’s a battle and it’s raging
and you’ll overcome.

Happy faces, surface joy
fading mist before the sunrise
but the victory will last
and joy will be forever
and you’ll overcome.

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