The Race

When you’re small, you don’t have any idea what it takes to live a life. You think you do, and you think life is hard when your parents don’t let you stay up past 8. If you are a Christian as a child, you think, “why does everyone say how hard this is?” Your parents are responsible for you, for your food and clothes, for your education, for what you do with your time, for taking you to church and making sure you read your Bible.

The stakes get higher. The race gets harder. You are no longer running a “fun run.” Instead, you find yourself in a marathon that doesn’t end until the day you die, and along the way are countless distractions. Sometimes you falter and get distracted; sometimes you take what you think will be a shortcut, and it ends up routing you way back to the first mile. People around you, people who have always been by your side in this race, drop out, or take a side road that at first runs so closely parallel with the main path that it seems okay, but after a long time veers so far away you can’t see them anymore. Hearing God’s voice goes from being a cool experience to being a necessity, one you will drown without, one you cling to and yearn for and need like you need to breathe. Reading your Bible goes from being a mundane exercise to being like eating, to being food for your soul.

Stay in the race. Cling to Christ for all you’re worth. Stay in the race.

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