While we are going through something, if God has taught us to do this, we turn immediately to him and cast our cares and sorrows on him. It becomes like a reflex after a while, and that’s a good thing. We should run to God first, before we take our burdens to people or take any other action to deal with them. These other things are good and necessary, but the first step should always be to take things to God, and to trust him absolutely that whatever happens, whether we perceive it as good or bad, is his perfect will.

But when the crisis is over and there’s no devil on your heels (you think), why is it so easy to fall back into complacency and completely forget everything God has done for us?

Often when a storm comes, even if God himself orchestrated it to refine us in his fire, the enemy takes advantage of our weakness and attacks. But I wonder if he isn’t more successful afterwards, after the battle is over, when we think we don’t need God anymore and let our guard down.

We will always need God. Humanity is not a temporary state in the sense that we fade in and out of perfection. Perfection happens in heaven. Humanity is imperfection in its finest form, if you can say that, and humanity will always need a Savior, even and especially when life is good and the sea is calm after the storm.

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