I’m tired
I’m mangled
I’m dead on my feet
like a dead man walking,
shouldn’t be in the heat

get me out of the spotlight
get me out of the sun

and all the while
someone’s shouting
step it up, step it up!

what can I do?
be deaf to the noise?
deny my Creator,
my lover, my choice
to follow
wherever he leads
step it up, step it up!

flirting with death
hanging back in the shadow
like a live man dying,
striving hard after death

what is this here?
playing with fire,
scorning the life
he has given
my soul ripping to shreds
turning my back on
he who gave his life

no, no
step it up
step back into light
the fire is waiting
refining, creating
like a new dawn bringing
new life to the hopeless
new hope, new goodness

bring it on, yeah
there’s no turning back
forward is up
and death’s at the back

move it, move it
life’s short so don’t waste it
make your decision
true God or illusion
no excuse for your ignorance
he’s everywhere, everywhere

you can’t see the light
you’re blinded,
blindsided by well crafted lies
turn around, see the LIGHT
his face and his glory
what love is this?
like no other
bring it, bring it on

accuse him and mock him
think he’s the delusion
how wrong could you be
see the LIGHT in the darkness
no tales, no lies

raw truth unmistaken
truth unmistaken
praise him, adore him
make your choice,
don’t abhor him
the one who loves you
no fear in your eyes
as you step up to the light
confess that Jesus is Lord
sin is broken, love opens
and your eyes see the LIGHT
no more lies
see the LIGHT

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