3 Weeks Left

It’s year 2, semester 1, term 2, end of week 3. It’s what we like to call the brain-dead period, which is rather annoying, because most of your work tends to happen around this time. UCT is like a stress-a-thon and the libraries and computer labs are full for a change.

I am sitting in my kitchen and it’s 7:40 am, and I’ve been awake since 4 am doing Greek. I stayed up until 11:30 doing Greek, at which point I apparently fell asleep sitting upright with Greek on my lap. At 2 I woke up to find that in my sleep I’d shoved the Greek aside, closed my laptop and put it on the floor, and taken off my glasses. Coffee is no longer just a necessity, it’s THE necessity. I also fell asleep again this morning, sitting upright, holding my coffee cup.

You know that point where you have literally stretched your brain so far that it refuses to function anymore? And if you try to study or do work it’s like a fuse in your head blows? That’s where 95% of the student population is right now. Also, you know that point where all the lecturers of all the departments get together and schedule all the due dates for enormous assignment over a period of two weeks? That’s where 100% of the staff is right now.

What’s also really awesome is that the people who drive the Jammie shuttles, aka the reason why UCT even has students (it’s on a mountain, and to get there, you have to walk uphill, for a while, and then climb all 101 Jammie steps along with the ones on Middle campus and then the ones in your respective building), decided to strike yesterday. So half of the 26,000 students aren’t on campus and the other half, who are already exhausted, are now really exhausted. Not to mention the poor people on crutches and with disabilities who can’t get to campus without some sort of transportation.

I am writing this rambling blog post for no reason at all except that it makes me feel sane, even though it probably makes me sound insane. But whatever. I have a Greek lecture at 9 am. But whatever. Three weeks left and then exams, and then we can all sleep. A good day that will be.

This message is brought to you by the Department of Brain Dead UCT Students and Coffee Addicts Anonymous Department.

1 thought on “3 Weeks Left”

  1. You have what it takes….just press in there. You are not a victim. However, I did have an extra Starbucks this morning on your behalf:-), and I do feel a bit sorry for you.


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